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7 Safe Destinations for Single Women Abroad

Embarking on an overseas adventure as a single woman may seem daunting, but fear not! Our curated list of destinations caters to the unique needs and concerns of solo female travelers. From the vibrant streets of Madrid to the serene beaches of Auckland, these safe havens offer the perfect blend of security, community, and cultural richness. Check out these 7 Safe Destinations for Single Women Abroad

1. Álamos, Mexico

Safe Destinations for Single Women Abroad

Discover the charm of Álamos, Mexico – a haven where cobblestone streets lead to a welcoming community of English-speaking expats. With a walkable layout, active social scene, and diverse volunteering opportunities, single women find themselves at the heart of this close-knit town. Whether it’s evening cocktails or happy hours, Álamos ensures a seamless integration into its vibrant community.

2. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Experience the lively atmosphere of Playa del Carmen, a beach town that embodies the spirit of Margaritaville. Engage in solo or group activities, immerse yourself in the community through volunteer groups, and enjoy the safety that permeates this coastal haven. The easy access to North America adds an extra layer of convenience for those wanting to stay connected with family and friends.

3. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

For the artsy souls, San Miguel de Allende beckons with its rich cultural tapestry and colonial history. A hub for artists and musicians, this visually stunning city offers a super-active university culture. While the cobblestone streets may challenge the legs, the eyes are treated to an objectively beautiful cityscape. Dive into volunteering opportunities and become part of a city that’s both inspiring and welcoming.

4. Cuenca, Ecuador

Join the thriving expat community in Cuenca, Ecuador, where a cool mountain haven awaits. With a low cost of living, numerous meet-up groups, and a welcoming atmosphere, Cuenca has been a haven for single women for decades. Immerse yourself in the local society and enjoy the diverse range of activities and events that this charming city has to offer.

5. Madrid, Spain

Indulge in the authentic Spanish experience in the heart of Madrid, a capital city that ticks all the boxes for single women. With excellent public transport, countless volunteering opportunities, and a refreshingly low crime rate, Madrid provides an empowering environment for those starting a new life abroad. Explore the city’s vibrant culture while feeling secure in its welcoming embrace.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

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Experience the safety and efficiency of Stockholm’s public transport system, making it a comfortable city for women to explore even late at night. Known for its respectful atmosphere, Stockholm offers plenty of activities for solo adventurers. Stay informed about city safety zones, and you’ll find this Scandinavian gem to be a welcoming and secure destination for single women.

7. Auckland, New Zealand

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With modern values and little chauvinism, Auckland, New Zealand, stands out as a super-safe destination for women. English as the native language facilitates easy communication and friendship-building. Explore the white-sand beaches of Orewa and unwind in the natural thermal springs, all within a community that embraces diversity and safety.

Heading out on a solo journey doesn’t mean compromising on safety or community. These seven destinations welcome single women with open arms, offering a perfect blend of security, cultural richness, and opportunities for meaningful connections. Your next great adventure awaits! Safe travels!

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